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Sunday, 25 January 2009




Thought I'd sign the contract here to make it a public commitment. This will be my third time through the book - each time has been a launch forward. I've managed to mislay my copy so I've just ordered another second hand in time to start next monday.



Can you elaborate Sam? I'm intrigued. What do you mean by a launch forward? It's a large undertaking and I'm committed but would love to hear what benefits you experienced I'd love some form of forward launch. Jules


Hi Jules, really I mean psychologically but I'll elaborate. The first time I read the book (07) I'd been trough a fairly trying period (small kids/ marriage and money probs.) and I felt terribly guilty taking time out for 'selfish' creative ambitions but working through it helped give me the permission I needed to even think about taking some time for myself to pursue my creativity. My first step was to take a short course in film making and generally to start taking back a little time for myself.
I picked the book up again a year later and in a different place (single but happier!) but still lacking the confidence to change my life to do things I actually want to do. During this read through I did a more hands on film course and this time I made contact with several like minds.

To date I've rewritten a short story as a screenplay and I'm hoping to shoot it next month on a friends camera. I thought it was a good time to re-read it again to keep my confidence up and fight the gremlins of 'who-do-ya-think-you're-kidding'. I also think it'll be great knowing there's a whole bunch of us reading it at the same time and not feeling its a guilty secret :-)

Off we go then...

Suzy Greaves

oooo, sam, have you heard of blake snyder's save the cat. I did a course with him just after reading the artist's way last time. he's brilliant - a real genius and his methods are very practical and do-able. I've actually written a screenplay now!

jennifer :: themakelounge

Wondering, Suzy, is there any way to get the posts for the Artist's Way journey emailed rather than RSS feed? I follow so many blogs via RSS I'm afraid I might miss yours!

Jules - www.julesritter.com

Thank you Sam, firstly for your honesty which makes your story authentic and all the more appealing, and for setting the bar high. Film school? I'm impressed. Off we go indeed. Nice to know there is a hand to hold along the way...
Suzy I'm going to google Blake Synder if you recommend him/her.


Jules, thanks, its looks more impressive written down!
Suzy, thanks for the tip - I think that will be next on the reading list, sam


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